Client Testimonials:

"Before my most recent session with Ruth, I had just moved apartments, which set off a crazy amount of pain in my shoulders and upper back. I couldn't sit at my desk for more than 10 minutes without discomfort, and my usual stretches and heating pad and relaxation techniques weren't helping. 

My massage with Ruth felt like hitting the reset button for my body. Before we started, she was very attentive in listening to what my specific issues and areas of pain were, and throughout the massage she checked in about how I was feeling and made sure I felt like she was getting into the right areas. While a lot of the pain I'd been experiencing was around my upper back, she actually worked on my chest as well to balance the front and back sides of my body. I'd never had another masseuse do this before, and I could really feel the difference- my chest felt more open and relaxed, while the pain in my shoulders and upper back disappeared. 

Overall, I would highly recommend Ruth for a very individualized massage treatment. She is a caring, relaxing practitioner with a great depth of knowledge."  

-Zena H, Administrative Associate & Actress


"I have had the pleasure and honor of being a long time client of Ruth Rose. I have benefited from her unique massage therapy, nutritional counseling and body work. Ruth is a very knowledgeable and competent holistic healer, who has a knack of finding the root cause of every physical, mental or emotional condition. 

She integrates different alternative modalities seamlessly and in one session can benefit from her manual therapy, and her energy work, which is so soothing and relaxing. I first met her 6 years ago as my student at Peridance Capezio Center and had her work on my chronic lower back and shoulder pain. 

Her extensive training both standard manual therapy and deep tissue massage brought me back to life in less than four sessions. I have been cherishing her magic touch ever since and have kept a professional relationship with her over the years. 

Compared to other massage therapists, Ruth has it in her DNA, she knows how to disentangle emotional blockages, and any stuck energy in the body, because she is proficient in stimulating the meridians and activating all trigger points for optimal vital efficiency. Most recently, I have been sick for over two months, my immune defenses suddenly dropped. Ruth designed  a very comprehensive nutritional therapy commend with supplement and herb recipes that gave me such an overall boost. I can go full fledge with my life again and feel less tired and more rejuvenated. 

I am a great advocate of her Ruth's Yoga classes. If you ever need a really integrated Yoga practice that brings together practices from different yoga lineages and takes you to the most authentic part of yourself - you have to try Ruth's singular sequencing and soak up her pedagogic insight. Her classes are full of healing mudras, asanas and purging breathing practices that will make you whole again and you will be hooked on Yoga for good. She is the kind of teacher that will challenge you from the comfort zone, but also comfort you with her reassuring touch and nurture you with her kind and compassionate heart. 

I cannot recommend her more highly. The New York holistic industry needs more healers, educators and teachers like Ruth Rose. "

- Antonia Katrandjieva - Ph.D, D.Sc   - Artistic Director of Overground Arts Alliance, NY

"I came to Fully Centered after suffering debilitating pain and discomfort for 10 years. I was stuck in a hunched stupor ( not something I should be experiencing in my 20’s), could no longer work out, and was really unhappy due to not being able to function and all of the pain in my back, legs, shoulders, and feet. Before going to Fully Centered, I went to Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical therapists, saw several different specialist with varying opinions, x-rays, cat scans, and an MRI, and I never got any relief or solid answers about my pain. I even went to Mayo Clinic and even they didn’t give me any solutions – just said I must have a muscle that won’t release, yet I was in constant pain, and even passed out a couple of times due to pain and being so stiff and unable to move well.

When I came to Ruth at Fully Centered, she first took a lot of time to give me a full assessment of my history, not just my symptoms but the past unsuccessful experiences and diagnostics and about my lifestyle habits -things that I didn’t think of that could be related. She really listened, and then connected the pain all over my body and my not being able to move well in my torso to an old groin injury during a workout involving squats ten years before.  She then suggested different supplements and dietary changes that would help heal the injury and inflammation, she worked different areas that I wouldn’t have though were related and explained to me that the body is like a big pulley system, then she showed me different stretching and strengthening exercises and routines and some ways to release soft tissue for myself at home. After my first massage session, I already felt much better and could move better and felt like I wasn’t stuck in a slumped hunched position. After just a few sessions which included massage, stretching,  home exercise routines, and nutritional & supplement counseling, my pain is all but gone! I also have better posture and can move much better and feel happier and healthier in general. I cannot say enough things about Ruth and how she helped me – I’d highly recommend Fully Centered! Thank you Ruth!!"

-Anthony Cinelli

I've been to Ruth for both massage and nutritional information and can honestly say she is the most knowledgeable person I know about the human body. I'm a very active person with several jobs and little time. Ruth made me feel very comfortable even while talking about something I was self conscious about. She helped me understand how to have a more balanced diet while learning how to relieve stress and manage a busy, always on-the-go lifestyle. When it comes to nutrition, Ruth helps me find strategies to prioritize what I need most without having to rely on medicines that are harmful to me. I'm the type of person that prefers to do things naturally since I've had some bad experiences with over the counter drugs. And when I come to Ruth with questions she always has several options for me to try as well as helpful tips such as the best places to shop around. When I first started seeing Ruth for massage I had very tight shoulders. She helped release them and gave me advice about things I could do on my on that would prevent that from happening again. She is seriously a lifesaver!!

-Jess Davis, Flybarre Instructor, Dancer