Meditation Instruction at Fully Centered NYC

Meditation is a discipline of quieting the mind and finding focus, a key to finding your center.  Rather than an esoteric phenomenon, meditation is really just a sort of concentration. 

I have studied many methods and techniques of meditation with various instructors for over ten years, and can coach you one-on-one to introduce you to the many forms of meditation, or we can discuss your needs and hone in immediately on a technique that may best suite you and your needs. I will help you find the meditation modality that best works for you, finding a way for you to find a place of relaxation with ease, and will help you develop a specific program that fits naturally with your schedule and lifestyle.   

Modalities can include:

  • Breath-work
  • Imagery
  • Chanting and/or Mantras
  • Mindfulness
  • Guided Meditations
  • Moving meditation
  • Yogic 
  •  Eastern Tradition
  • Incorporation of spirituality and/or religious background (these do not have to be one in the same)

Your meditation practice can be geared toward relaxation and focus, and may or may not involve a religious aspect. We can incorporate aspects of eastern tradition, your own religion, or maintain it as a completely separate practice -  we will work together to cultivate a practice specifically attuned to you. 

Meditation Instruction and/or coaching offered through Fully Centered

Meditation Instruction and/or coaching offered through Fully Centered