Yoga at Fully Centered, Manhattan NYC

Yoga at Fully Centered NYC

At Fully Centered, I create a yoga practice especially designed for you, incorporating your energy, your lifestyle, your physical or health needs. Through the breath, I will help you connect back to your body, yourself and your inner peace and guide you through asanas that will  alleviate whatever blocks you may have, whether it is pain, stiffness, illness, stress, emotional, creative, etc.  We will open joints and muscles as they find strength, and create space for organs, emotionally we will use imagery to heal any challenges or blocks, spiritually we will use the practice to connect to your true self, your center, and whatever guides you. 

Fully Centered Yoga sessions are designed to: 

  • Increase flexibility & Strength

  • Create Body and Mind Alignment

  • Relieve Stress

  • Compliment and Improve Sports/Athletic or Dance performance

  • Relieve Pain from chronic Illness, injuries, arthritis, etc. 

  • Improve Happiness and Well-Being

  • Weight Reduction

  • Improve fitness/tone

  • Balance Immune System

  • Heal and Increase overall Health

What is Yoga?

Yoga not only lengthens muscles through gentle stretching and strengthens muscles through holding asanas, connects you to breath, and gently commands focus. It can  give you bridges towards mental and emotional healing, help you find your mind-body connection, align your energy, and center your mind and give you a feeling of groundedness, through full concentration on the practice, and through proper use of breath, and through alignment of the body through the asanas.

I incorporate my own past training in Vinyasa, Kundalini, and Yogea Art Flow along with training in alignment and proper body function mechanics to cater a practice that best suits your energy and your physical mental emotional  and spiritual needs.

I began yoga at the age of 3 years old, and have studied and practiced throughout my entire life. 7 years ago I studied Vinyasa Flow formally under a Yogi, and have trained under a world traveled yogi, Antonia Katrandjieva, under whom I trained in a unique and integrated form of yoga termed YogeaArtflow©. I teach many forms of yoga, but this is my favorite as it incorporates all others and allows one to think outside the box. While I have a lifetime of experience  since childhood, I continue to augment and study myself as I teach others  because I believe our growth and journey continues throughout our entire lives.

Namaste, from Ruth, Fully Centered Yoga NYC

Namaste, from Ruth, Fully Centered Yoga NYC