Pilates at Fully Centered NYC

Pilates is somewhat mainstream now so most are at least somewhat familiar with this practice. Pilates can be used to get into shape, sculpt the body, or realign the body for more healthy functional movement, preventing pain and injury, and can be an effective and efficient form of low impact exercise. It is also an excellent way to cross train for other forms of physical activity.

The base concentration is to strengthen one’s core, the deep muscles of the trunk or torso. As bipedal animals (walking on two legs vs four) we have more of a challenge in maintaining stability throughout our lives and if alignment is lost or a lack of balance between strength and flexibility develops, we can develop imbalances in our movement and musculature which can lead to injuries and pain in our joints (e.g., back, hips, knees, shoulders and elbows). By strengthening the core of our trunk, where there are not so many bones, but a lot of musculature, we can create greater innate stability for all other movement.

Pilates strengthens the core and also integrates movement of the body throughout, balancing major muscles and stabilizers.  In addition Pilates demands a high level of motor control, thus a lot of concentration, so these exercises become more than physical – they develop the mind-body connection and can, if fully focused, provide a meditative experience while you focus fully on the exercise and nothing else.

My training in Pilates started as a dancer when I was 14 years old, and I have formally taught Pilates for 7 years, and still continue to study to develop my knowledge (this is true for all things that I practice – I never stop learning and growing).  While fitness may be a goal my first goal with you will be to connect with and engage your inner core so that it can be utilized and movements can be executed properly to prevent injury. From there we can discuss your goals and develop a personalized program. 

During Pilates sessions with me, I will combine classic Pilates as well as additional somatic and body balancing exercises that will create better stability and motor control through everyday and/or sports activities.  I will give you routines that you can also take away with you to practice on your own.