Bodywork/Massage at Fully Centered NYC

Main Modalities:

As a dancer, yogi and someone who has loved being active my entire life, I personally have seen how massage can heal and prevent injuries and facilitate better performance, so much so I trained and learned to do it myself. I love helping others and meeting people and have found my passion in helping others find pain-free movement and achieve the best performance possible. 

I've also seen how my bodywork can help people out of chronic pain from occupational repetitive stress or bad postural or movement habits over the years and love to help and see results with people this way. 

During your bodywork session I can also incorporate exercises, stretching and even nutritional and supplement advice. Please contact me for a consultation, trial or full appointment - I'd love to meet you and help you! 


Through my profession as a dancer and my degree in biology, as well as my professional massage training, I have extensive training and experience with the body and with massage.  I understand the body innately in both a physical and intuitive way.  With seven years of professional experience, my highly developed sense of intuition and compassionate nature help me to tune into YOU, your body, your energy, and your needs. 

My multi-faceted massage combines  many modalities, including sports, myofascial release, Swedish, localized deep tissue massage, reflexology, acupressure. I also have been trained in Reiki, and utilize some yoga stretching and these techniques can be used during sessions as well. balanced to address the client’s individual needs, such as recovery from an injury, release of held tension, or general relief from emotional or daily stress. 

I have specialized training in addressing dance and sports injuries, as well as acute and repetitive stress injuries.

My training started at Hirudaya Massage school in California, followed with several advanced trainings and apprenticeships, most recently with Howard Mermelstein of Massage Evolution, where I learned advanced myofascial release and manipulative bodywork techniques, and Arvigo Technique of Mayan Abdominal Therapy ® Anterior Applications with Cathy Lipsky and Laurie Freeman.