Ruth Rose Rae

Welcome to Fully Centered, where I help you find your balance within. I help people find their center, whether that is relief from pain, relief from stress, relief from an acute ailment or finding alternative methods to manage chronic illness and getting back to health, finding balance again in your life, or simply finding ultimate health and wellness. I look at all aspects, mind, body spirit, emotion; Fully Centered offers comprehensive wellness coaching, Massage, and bodywork, nutrition & nutritional counseling, yoga, pilates, and meditation instruction, alternative health & nutritional remedies (that can compliment traditional treatments).

My goal is to help you achieve better physical/functional movement and relaxation, and overall physical, mental, emotional health through centering the body, mind and spirit in all aspects and modalities that you want to use (physical/fitness, emotional/mental, nutritional, etc). I offer massage, Pilates, yoga, relaxation techniques, nutritional coaching/advising, alternative health education and coaching. I will help you find ways to reach your wellness and/or fitness goals work best for what you enjoy doing and your lifestyle.


·       B. Sc. Degrees, Biology & Biochemistry

·       Massage Practitioner, Hirudaya Holistic Life Center, California

·    Advanced Concrention/Apprenticeship Sports Massage, Myofascial Release Techniques and Massage for      Dancers and Athletes, Massage Evolution

·    ARVIGO Practitioner, Anterior Applications of Arvigo Techniques in Mayan Abdominal Therapy

·    Nationally accredited by AADP and ANCB, AFPA Certified Nutrition/Wellness Counselor

·       500 hr yoga, Yoga Alliance/Yogea Artflow

·       Pilates Mat Certified


Ruth Rose Rae currently is a freelance modern/contemporary dancer in New York City, and offers massage/bodywork, pilates, yoga, and meditation instruction (individuals or group), and alternative health/nutrition counseling, which can all be combined (with some other aspects) into a full wellness coaching program. Through Ruth’s profession as a dancer, her background in the sciences, extensive training and personal experience healing the body, she understands the body and mind innately in both a physical and intuitive way.  With eight years of professional experience,and many more of professional training, her highly developed sense of intuition and compassionate nature help her to tune into YOU, your body, your energy, and your needs.

Ruth Rose has enjoyed exploring physicality and movement nearly since she could walk. At 2 years old, her parents found out every morning before they got up she was practicing yoga with a television show, not watching cartoons. They put her into gymnastics class, and at 3 she begged to begin ballet after seeing Barishnikov and Gelsey Kirkland dance the nutcracker on television. She already knew this was what she wanted to do. She trained and performed in ballet throughout her entire childhood. Through adolescence and early college she battled chronic illness which sidelined her from her dance and sometimes create inflammation and injury which spurred her interested in health, wellness, nutrition, alternative medicine and fitness. At 18 she started to study Pilates and incorporated it into her daily routine. Although she started practicing yoga in her youth (also around the age of 3), she continued to do so through adulthood and she formally trained and studied under dance studio owner and yogi, Kim Marie Thomas, and she began substitute teaching her classes and later teaching them. She first became certified in Vinyasa flow, then attained her 500 hour Yoga Alliance Accredited certification in Yogea Artflow Yoga  through Antonia Katrandjieva, combining innovative poses with tradition, alignment, dynamic flow, as well as the breathing and mudras of kundalini yoga. She has taught yoga, pilates and a combination class as well as privates for 6 years.

As a dancer and someone interested in wellness of the body in all aspects, Ruth Rose also developed an interest in bodywork. Through her dance training, she first experienced teachings in how to maintain a healthy body for long term rigorous movement involved with dance dance by addressing muscular and fascial tissue health. She trained formally as a practitioner at Hiraduya Holistic Life Center and Massage School, and later and apprenticed under Cassandra Wilson, then Howard Mermelstien of Massage Evolution, a specialized instructor from the Swedish Institute in New York City, where she leared advanced myofascial release techniques. Ruth has also been trained by several mentors in energywork and healing.


Alternative health has been a huge influence and apart of  Ruth's life since childhood. At 12 years old, Ruth became extremely ill; after 9 months of rigorous testing, she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. For several years she struggled to maintain her health, was on strong medication, and had to take several breaks from dancing and go on home school because she was so frail and ill.  Still riddled with illness as well as side effects , conventional medicine was not working well for her condition. Eventually she decided to take her health into her own hands and started researching. She knew that certain foods triggered her illness and she looked further into how diet and overall wellness can help chronic illness.  She read extensively on diets, nutrition, herbs, supplements, and regained her finally, upon utilizing alternative health methods incorporating a strict clean diet, supplements, and addressing other aspects of whole health (e.g. sleep, stress, quality of life), she returned to full function, heath and was able to dance and blossom again. In further pursuit of knowledge in this arena, she pursued bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Biochemistry, with a focus on metabolism and nutrition in her studies, graduating with honors at the top of her class.  Later she also became certified through AFPA as a Nutrtion & Wellness Counselor. 

She continued teaching and dancing after she graduated but constantly continued to maintain and develop her knowledge of nutrition and alternative health. She has succeeded in controlling her illness and maintaining her health, strictly through healthy living habits and diet, and with doctors claiming she has defeated great odds, and has been free of any medication since the age of 18, and has never had surgery.  From there she developed an interest in nutrition and alternative and holistic treatment of ailments as well as maintaining maximum wellness in general. 

She has a vast knowledge and understanding of how to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, as well as supplements that can assist with strengthening the body against ailments.   Through a quest for her own optimal health and pique physical performance for her dance, Ruth has acquired a breadth of knowledge and training in physical health and overall wellness, including bodywork, Pilates, yoga, strength training, nutrition and nutritional supplementation, alternative remedies and relaxation/meditative techniques.

Ruth has a passion for wellness and helping others find their healthiest way of being and reaching optimum health and/or their goals.  She has a love and appreciation for the human body and for people and finds true joy in helping others find health, happiness and their true potential and has pursued both of her dreams - dance and helping others find full wellness.